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The perfect platform for organization’s looking to start a fund.

Our Value Proposition

Founder Benefits

  • New capital pathway outside industry 
  • Access strategic support to build company
  • Efficient funding 
  • Limited investor relations burden

Member Benefits

  • Access to deals
  • Ability to invest in a fund or single deal
  • Low investment minimums
  • Diligence by thought leaders 
  • Potential outsized returns

Your Organization’s Benefits

  • A new service offering for your membership
  • New revenue streams, including sharing in profits from successful deal exits

Associations + Societies

Platform: Venture Capital-As-A-Service.



Per Month
  • Customize your diligence process
  • Ability to rebrand the portal
  • Invite your network to submit their ideas
  • Obtain feedback from your team and our experts.



Per Month
  • Form an investment vehicle or Fund to invest in selected innovations
  • Provide low minimum investment opportunities to your network 
  • All aspects of backend fund administration (compliance, wires, reporting, K-1s, etc.)



Per MonthNetwork access to additional support available through our platform:

  • Business strategy 
  • Legal and regulatory services
  • Technology development
  • Wealth management resources 



Per Month
  • Network access to investment opportunities from other sectors for a diversified portfolio
  • Access to additional capital & support for member innovations and founders

What’s Next?


Per Month
  • Set up initial discussion with one of our founders
  • Establish your customized process and platform 
  • Curate ideas from your network
  • Engage your network to start investing


Can I launch a venture fund for my organization?

Yes, we work with you to develop your own investment criteria, source deals from your membership, vet those deals, and offer the investment opportunity to members of your organization. We manage the entire process from beginning to end on our technology platform and with the help of our investment team and administrative staff. You are not required to invest as an organization in the fund, but some do so.

Do I need to have a business plan competition?

No, we provide you with our diligence platform that allows us to identify, vet and invest in deals. However, many of our partners already hold competitions, and we can partner with you on those to identify interesting innovations for the Fund or as a single investment. We can also help you establish a new competition or manage an existing one.

What are your fees?

We charge a subscription fee to use our platform and access education and consulting services. Fund management fees are charged to investors, not the organization.  

How does my organization benefit?

You will serve as a new capital pathway for your innovator members and provide your investor members with access to venture investments. We share profits with you on successful deal exits, creating a new revenue stream for your organization. We also work to educate your members on entrepreneurship and venture investing, while also providing access to critical support services.

How do I learn more?

Please email to schedule a call with our team and learn more!