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Varia’s national “venture-capital-as-a-service” platform gives us access to a diverse portfolio of early stage companies with cutting-edge technologies that are seeking capital.

Many traditional venture capital funds have been turning their focus to making later-stage investments in increasingly larger amounts, creating a funding gap for these earlier-stage companies that are seeking investments of $250,000 to $2,500,000 to fuel their growth. These are typically pre-seed to Series B.

With assistance from our network of key opinion leaders (“KOLs”) and strategic partners, we believe we can identify some of the most exciting companies, principally in the medical device and health tech industries. We seek to only invest in companies that have a key strategic or lead investor and expected returns of not less than 3-5x of invested capital. We then give you the right to double down in well performing investments to help increase your overall expected returns. 

Investment minimums begin at $10,000 for single deals, and $50,000 for funds.

What We Can Do For You

Varia Ventures creates and offers diversified and personalized venture portfolios. We invest alongside other established venture capital firms. You decide your funds, investment amount, and level of engagement.

Decide the right allocation for you. 

  • We believe a venture portfolio should be considered in every sophisticated portfolio. 
  • Diversifying your portfolio can reduce risk and increase rewards.
  • Determine your personal asset allocation strategy.

The Opportunity


Over three decades of venture and business experience with hundreds of founders and startups.


Highly curated companies accessed through our national partnerships provide maximum diversification, with a primary focus in medical device and health tech industries.


Opportunities are thoroughly assessed by key opinion leaders in your field of expertise and our investment team.


We invest alongside key strategics or lead investors with domain expertise to mitigate investment risk.


We provide you with the right to invest additional capital in well-performing deals in your Fund’s portfolio to increase your overall expected return.


Opportunities are monitored and supported by an experienced team to assist with growth through exit.


Low minimum commitments of $10,000 for individual deals to $50,000 for funds funded at comfortable installments provide access to venture investing.


Our community is our source of deals, expertise, and capital. At 20,000 members and growing — the larger our network, the more robust our dealflow and expertise, and the better our expected returns.

Traditional Funds

High Minimums

$250,000 to $1-5 million minimums.

Inability to Plan Ahead

Capital calls are random and can be significant in Year 1. 

Closed Networks

“The financial system in the US is a rigged system and has been for a very long time. Only rich people can invest in startups. [The rules] make the rich richer and keep those without money out of the game.” 

[Fred Wilson, Union Square Ventures]

Our Model


Beginning at $10,000 for individual investments and $50,000 for funds.

Payable Over

Your capital is payable in comfortable installments.

Invest with
Trusted Peers

Invest with your peers in deals vetted by key opinion leaders in your field of expertise and our investment team. 

Easy to Invest and Monitor

Access and view materials from your mobile device and monitor updates.

How Varia Works 

100s of applicants

→ Quick Vet

10-20 companies

→ Key Opinion Leader Feedback

5-10 companies

→ Due Dilligance

Our Venture-Capital-as-a-Service Platform - 4-6 companies

→ Negotiate and Invest Post-Closing Mobile Reporting & Support

Meet The Team

We draw upon our core investment team and an extended network of partners, key opinion leaders, strategic investors, and other resources to manage our investments.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Scott Friedman

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, Varia Ventures 
  • Past Chairman & Managing Partner, Lippes Mathias LLP
  • Team Leader of Venture Capital & Family Business Practices
  • General Partner, Impact Capital (NYS based venture fund)
  • Active Private Investor (100 + Private Investments) 
  • Advisor to Entrepreneurs, Business Leaders & Investors Across Multiple Industries
  • Author, 7 Books & Numerous Articles
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Andrea Vossler

  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, Varia Ventures
  • Partner & Team Leader of Startups & Venture Capital Practice
  • General Counsel, Impact Capital (Numerous Private Investments) 
  • Advisor to Many Founders and Startup Companies
  • Entrepreneur in Residence at Endeavor Global, Columbia Technology Ventures, Founders Institute & UB School of Management.   
Steven Schwaitzberg

Steven Schwaitzberg


Michael Kochman

Michael Kochman


Steven Schwaitzberg

Steven Schwaitzberg


Michael Kochman

Michael Kochman


Steven Schwaitzberg

Steven Schwaitzberg


Michael Kochman

Michael Kochman


How do I access fund or deal materials and invest?

If you are a member of one of our partner organizations, you can invest in the related fund.  Our partner funds are available here.  Follow the relevant link to access the fund’s investment materials and invest.

If you are not a member of one of our partner organizations, register for an account here to review the Varia Opportunity Fund 1 investment documents and invest.   Registration is free, and there is no obligation to invest.

What is the minimum commitment?

The minimum commitment is $10,000 for a single deal and $50,000 for a fund. However, we may set higher or lower commitments in our discretion. 

Can anyone invest?

You must be an “accredited investor” to invest. In general, an “accredited investor” means you have $200k in annual income (individually) or $300k in annual income (with your spouse) for the past two years, or a net worth of more than $1 million, excluding the value of your primary residence and any mortgage.

What are your fees?

  • For our funds, we generally charge a 2.5% annual management fee and a 20% “carried interest” on investor profits. 
  • For single deals, we generally charge a one-time management fee of 5% and a 20% “carried interest” on investor profits. 
  • This means that once you have a received a return of your capital, 80% of the excess amount will be paid to you, and 20% will be paid to the manager. You will also be responsible for certain expenses of the fund.

What industries do you focus on?

We principally invest in medical device and health tech companies in the pre-seed to Series B stage.  However, we invest outside of healthcare to help diversify your portfolio.

What is the typical exit timeline?

Venture investments most commonly have 7 year lifespans.  However, some exit earlier or later. We generally make distributions to investors when companies exit.

How do I receive updates?

Once you register, you will have your own dashboard, where we will provide you with updates, as well as your tax filings. 

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please email and a member of our team will reach out to you to discuss.